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Dear Friends,

I want to share my excitement for the 2018 Walk4Hearing. It starts with you and Walk4Hearing.org which is live and ready.

Whether you’re a person who has a hearing loss, someone who just needs some hearing help in a noisy world, or you are a friend or family member of someone with hearing loss, the Walk4Hearing is for you. The Walk4Hearing message is You are not alone. You can do something about your hearing loss.

What’s New? Where Do You Fit?
The Walk day experience can’t be beat. Look at Walk4Hearing.org and see where you want to fit in – as a walker, a team leader, a supporter, maybe you want to volunteer, or for those so inclined, maybe even be a local walk chair. Do it with passion! When we all come together in cities across the country on the day of a local Walk4Hearing, there is nothing as fun or rewarding as being with family and friends all for a common cause.

“Get Your Hearing Checked!”
The call to action for the 2018 Walk4Hearing is Get Your Hearing Checked! I know many of you have not only had your hearing checked but you’ve taken steps with hearing aids or cochlear implants for yourself or your children. You might remember when you first suspected you should get your hearing tested.

However, we know that 80 percent of people who could benefit from some hearing help, leave it untreated. If we could just do some nudging of our family and friends, we can give some encouragement. We are working on having hearing screenings at the Walk as a first step.

A Fresh Brand
For those of you familiar with HLAA, we have made some exciting changes to the HLAA brand, including new logos for the corporate HLAA organization and its premier program, Walk4Hearing. A critical element of increasing brand awareness is consistency in all that we say and do. With that in mind, we are excited to introduce you to the new Walk4Hearing brand. The new Walk4Hearing logo now has a similar look and connection with HLAA. Presenting a more unified brand will help all the Walk4Hearing events raise even greater awareness to support people with hearing loss.

Thank You: This is the 13th Year for the Walk4Hearing
Thanks to all of you – individuals, HLAA Chapters, Walk Alliances, sponsors, volunteers, family and friends – who have made the Walk4Hearing the largest walk of its kind.

Find a Walk4Hearing near you. Our national Walk4Hearing staff, Ronnie Adler and Ann Rancourt, are here to support and guide you through your experience.

Stay tuned for more good news throughout 2018. We are committed to making this the best year ever and making your experience rewarding and fun!

Cheers to all of you!

Barbara Kelley
Executive Director
Follow me on Twitter @Bkelley_HLAA

If you are a company and are interested in being a national sponsor, email Nancy Macklin.

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