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Giving Challenge

For 41 years, HLAA has provided information, resources, and a sense of belonging. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our staff and volunteers did everything they could to keep our community together and help them navigate new and unexpected challenges.

Our HLAA Indianapolis Chapter is one example of how proactive our community has been. By offering consistent online meetings each week, the Chapter helped members and friends connect and support one another during this challenging time. For those in need, the Chapter also provided clear window face masks and hospital kits, including the HLAA Guide for Communication Access Plan.

Teresa Gonzalez, founder and president of the HLAA Indianapolis Chapter, became involved with HLAA in the late 80's. Joining the organization as a young adult, Teresa says HLAA gave her the confidence and direction she needed. “From the beginning and even today, I feel empowered to face my daily hearing challenges. As a person born with hearing loss, and later acquiring Meniere’s disease, my journey is ongoing. No other organization can support me like HLAA can.”

To find and connect with an HLAA Chapter near you, see our website.

Let’s continue to empower our community and reach even more people who need our help. Join the HLAA Giving Challenge today, so tomorrow we can remain strong.

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