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Hone Your Listening Skills with the
LACE Home Edition Program
30% HLAA Member Discount
June 12, 2015

Even people with normal hearing can have poor listening skills and miss portions of what is being said. For people with hearing loss—even those with hearing aids or cochlear implants—understanding speech in difficult listening environments can be a real challenge. The good news is your brain can be retrained to listen.

LACE is an interactive training program that helps improve your ear-to-brain muscle memory. The LACE HE (Listening and Communication Enhancement Home Edition) program, designed for use on your home computer, develops and hones your listening skills in 20-minute daily sessions.

HLAA members receive 30% off the listed retail price.

LACE is an interactive software training program which helps train people with hearing loss to better understand speech in noise. Conceived by clinical audiologists at the University of California, San Francisco and engineered by Silicon Valley software veterans, consists of 20 training sessions of approximately 20 minutes each.

Neurotone, Inc., the developer of LACE, is committed to building quality media enhancement and auditory rehabilitation solutions for people with hearing loss. LACE is widely recognized among hearing health care professionals as the gold standard in computer-based aural rehabilitation. Neurotone, Inc., is also an HLAA Corporate Sponsor.

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