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February 7, 2017

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photo of Zoe NuttBethesda, MD: Nashville folk artist Zoë Nutt today announced the release of the video for her new single “Like You,” which invites people to hear her story of living with progressive hearing loss and tinnitus. Zoë is thrilled to partner with the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) and HelloGiggles to unveil the emotionally-driven, captioned video and to use her music as a means to bring a positive message and inspire others for a greater cause. “Like You” can be downloaded via NoiseTrade, and all proceeds will be donated to HLAA. Describing the video in her own words, Zoë said:

I am going deaf. And I want people to know. We are all dealing with issues in our lives, but we don’t have to be defined by our problems. I’d rather define my life by how I’m dealing with my problems. It’s a strange feeling to be releasing a music video about losing my ability to hear, but it’s the hand I’ve been dealt and one that I plan to overcome. This music video represents the start of my story and I’m very excited to write the next chapter.

I’m on a timer, and there’s no way to know when my world will go silent, tomorrow or years from now. I was crying over the page in my notebook, finally letting the news sink in. You’re not going to be able to hear. The bulk of “Like You” was written in the fear of that moment. It’s a letter to the children I hope to have one day. It’s been my way to come to terms with not knowing what’s going to happen in the years to come. But releasing this music video has been more than just a letter to a possible future. It’s most importantly the start of a conversation I’ve been longing to have with others. I am going deaf, but I will not let it stop me from making music.

HLAA Executive Director Barbara Kelley commented, “Congratulations to Zoë on the release of her new video. We are grateful for her generosity, but even more, we know she will reach people of all ages with hearing loss through her music. We wish her great success.”

Go to HelloGiggles today to watch Zoë Nutt’s compelling music video for “Like You and download the track via NoiseTrade to donate to the Hearing Loss Association of America. Follow Zoë Nutt online to keep up with new music, show dates, and more.

More About Zoë Nutt:
Zoë Nutt is a storyteller. She likes to tell stories with music and poignant and meaningful lyrics, but it’s perhaps her vocal interpretation of those words that brings her musical tales to life. Simply put, Zoë Nutt is a voice you will not soon forget. Raised in Knoxville, Tennessee and a graduate of the songwriting school at Belmont University in Nashville, Zoë has a way of quieting a room and hushing those voices in our heads that make it hard to sit and listen, so that all you want to do is hear the next thing she is going to sing. Cruz Contreras of the band The Black Lillies says, “Zoë Nutt has a voice as haunting and seemingly ancient as the East Tennessee hills she hails from. Her lyricism and delivery are poignant, fresh and promising. Like so many great artists, she knows how to mix the new with the old and create music with broad appeal while never compromising her artistic integrity.”

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