Welcome to the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), the country’s leading membership and advocacy organization for people with hearing loss. As a member of HLAA you are part of an organization with a mission to provide information, support and advocacy to people with hearing loss. Through our advocacy work at the federal level, we represent 48 million people with hearing loss in the United States. See the video HLAA – Teamwork for Hearing Loss Awareness for information about HLAA.

If you prefer to mail-in or fax your membership form, please download the membership form [PDF] for your convenience.

Complimentary HLAA Membership for Veterans (New Members ONLY)
HLAA is honored to offer two types of membership for United States veterans (both include the other benefits of Individual membership):

  • Digital Membership (lifetime) – this complimentary membership includes our award-winning Hearing Life magazine (previously Hearing Loss Magazine) in digital format only; or
  • Non-Digital Membership (1st year is free) – Hearing Life magazine will be delivered right to your mail box; complimentary for one year, renewal at $35/year.

Hearing Life magazine, (previously Hearing Loss Magazine) a helpful resource on the latest in technology, medical issues, legislation, personal stories, and more. If you are a veteran and are interested in joining HLAA please complete Veteran Membership form and mail it, fax it or email it in.

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(Annual Dues)
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